Given the nature of our industry and how completely unique each of our clients needs are, we completely understand the importance of being flexible in our approach to Fee structuring.

Once we understand the brief, we can offer a bespoke structure to suit.

Please note:  All fees charged will depend on the services required; however, we are highly respected and recommended within our industry, provide a super efficient, extremely transparent 360 service and can assure you, you will not be disappointed!


We have the retainer option for those who would like to benefit from booking a set amount of hours per day, per week or per month, which can be set out contractually for a set period of time, or on a rolling contract with a mutually agreed notice period in place.

Project Based

For specific project based work, where a client may have a regimented time frame for work that needs completing, we can discuss the possibility of basing a fee structure around the completion of the project in question, based on projected time spent.


We can provide you with our hourly rate, based on your specific needs, on an ad hoc basis, should this be more suitable.


For clients in need of assistance with those ‘super rare’ requests that are completely ‘outside the box’, the type of requests that sometimes have clients thinking “who do we approach to arrange this”, we can provide prices on request, and as stated previously, if we can’t provide you with the missing link, we will know who can and will put you in touch immediately!