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Providing you with a real life 'Mary Poppins' style Personal Assistant/ Lifestyle Manager, to help you navigate through your chaos and bring calm, organisation and focus to your life!

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Hourly Rate

This option is best suited to those who know exactly what tasks need completing and prefer to pay per hour. For example; you may decide that you require our services, once a month for 3 hours, to sort through your business and/or personal expenses.  Therefore, on clarification of your specific needs, we will provide you with a competitive hourly rate

Take Your Time

This is a service that we can provide if the services you require are spread out over a certain period of time. You may wish to secure our services in this way, to enable you to complete a range of tasks.

This can be arranged in a number of ways. Anything you need, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Prime Time

This package is made up of 8 hours bespoke personal assistance services.  You will pick the services you need and advise us accordingly.  Please be aware that this package is per individual client only and cannot be shared.


Velvet Lifestyle restructured our way of organisation, enabling us to have a user-friendly system whereby all information is stored and filed.  Their knowledge of structure, compliance, lifestyle management, personal assistance both in private and corporate aspects has been invaluable to us.  As a new family office, we were lacking in so many systems, however that is not the case now, thanks to VL.

London Family Office

based in Mayfair

Velvet Lifestyle brought calm to our chaos.  From event planning and management, sourcing interior solutions, researching, private reservations, professional organisation and decluttering various rooms within our new home.  Creative, precise, discreet and professional, Xara is our very own, ‘real-life’ Mary Poppins!

Private Client

based in Cambridge

Our engagement with Velvet Lifestyle came through a mutual contact referral.  Their input and assistance with personal services, sourcing and day to day diary management has been a great help to the family.  As the family are non-UK residents, VL has ensured that there is a seamless service from the service we provide in the Middle East to the UK, where our resources and knowledge is limited.   Velvet Lifestyle has been nothing but professional, meticulous in detail, fair in costings and extremely approachable day or night.  The family would be lost without their assistance when coming to London.

Middle Eastern Family Office

based in Middle East

Velvet Lifestyle have been a great help to me.  From personal shopping, sourcing interior solutions, diary management, private reservations, assistance with organising bills and post, to decluttering/reorganising various rooms within the house.  Creative, friendly and professional, I would recommend their services to anyone.

Private Client

based in London

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